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Our approach has been to keep the subject matters high in standard, rich in content and taught by the leading authorities in their respected fields. And, we have still kept it accessible to all including women, students, unemployed and those with special needs.

Please note, “Islamic Circles” is a Not-For-Profit Association, and neither staff or organisation benefit from the service financially. Unfortunetly, as a result of organising these courses, we are nearly £20,000 in debt. This is because of the sheer cost of running each course, amounts to around £4000, which includes venue hire, speaker [honorium, flights, hotel & subsistence], recording, marketing and publicity material, website & IT and notes.

We had hoped, there would be enough appetite to make the courses self-sustainable through just ticket sales alone, suprisingly, this is still not enough to cover each seminar, as many enquires do not translate into sales, many do not turn up after making enquiries and hence in the last 2 years, all the courses have been running at losses, which have now accumulated.

Historically, in the Muslim world, such projects were supported by ‘sincere knowledge seeking philanthropists’, and one of core reasons, why the Muslim community and civilisation is still suffering from its current situation, until it invests in “Ideas”, “Think-Tanks”, “Higher Level Institutions”, impact from grassroot community and education projects will always be limited.

The “” project, will continue irrespective as “Allah is Ar Razzaq”, the Provider, and for us money should not be an obstacle to those “sincerely and seriously seeking knowledge”.

The minimum, we hope you can do is at least, make dua and tell others.

If you wish to make a contribution, however large or small, either on a regular basis or one-off, you can do it either by via PayPal or directly into our Bank [Deposit / Cheque]. Receipts of donations can be sent, if requested.

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    Made payable to "Islamic Circles" to:
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    You can either send it via post or vist us at our office at the address given.

  • 2. BANK:

    Simply setup a Standing Order, make a Bank Deposit or Transfer direct to our bank.

    Name of Account: Islamic Circles
    Bank: Islamic Bank of Britain
    Account Number: 01059301
    Sort Code: 30-00-83
    Branch Name: Whitechapel – London

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Thank you to everyone who has supported us – anything makes a difference.