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Based on Imâm al-Ramli’s ‘Riyâdatul Sibyân translated and taught by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed [Kitaba]*.

Supported by, Nida Trust, Ebrahim College, Association of Muslim Governors [AMG], Pickthall Academy, Al-Isharah, Al-Ghani, AND the Institute of Education [IOE] Islamic Society [ISOC].

This course draws from the Riyadatul Sibyan, Educating Children, is a classical poetry text by famed 16th Century jurist, Imâm al-Ramli. It summarises a section of Imâm al-Ghazâli’s Revival of the Religious Sciences. It has been translated with a summary of some of the classical commentaries and a reflection in a modern context by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed.

This course draws on Shaykh Abdul Aziz’s experience as a teacher, school principal, father and education support manager, as well as his Islamic studies and post graduate work in education and and modern psychology and pedagogy.

The full day course will consist of four sessions covering various sections of the poem and its commentary and practical examples and reflections on real situations, as well as explanations of Prophetic traditions.

Course themes include:

  • The concept of education: the meaning of tarbiyya (development), tadîb (education) riyada (exercise) and talîm (teaching).
  • Intellectual development: the meaning of the ‘aql (intellect), stages of child development and ways that the intellect can be developed.
  • Culture and upbringing – a discussion of ‘urf and an examination of good and bad influences within culture
  • Discipline and attaining maturity: a focus on the principles of discipline and support of young people through adolescence.

The course will be interactive and there will be opportunities for discussion and activities to stimulate a closer examination of the text. The course has been taught in Australia, Sweden and Denmark and UK.

Aim at: Parents, teachers, school governors, Imams and educators.

Course text will be provided and book will be available to purchase. Attendance by pre-registration only – Limited spaces

Fully accessible to those with disabilities with provision for BSL interpreting

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed [Kitaba]

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks as born in Nottingham where he completed his schooling before moving to Leicester where he completed a BEd degree in primary education specialising in Language Arts. He then went on to carry out post-graduate studies in Education in various universities including London University Institute of Education, Strathclyde University, the Open University and SOAS. He has published a number of articles on education and designed the curriculum of Islamia School London at the time it achieved Voluntary Aided Status. The curriculum was published by the Islamia Schools Trust. He has worked as a teacher, Head Teacher and School Prinicipal in England, Scotland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and USA. As an educational consultant, he has worked on projects in Turkey, Yemen, Kenya, Jordan and South Africa. He has a special interest in special educational needs and additional support and currently works full time as Additional Support Manager for a local education authority. He has worked as a policy advisor for several education authorities and schools including the UK Madrasa network.

His Islamic Studies took him to various parts of the world where he studied under many prominent traditional scholars. They include Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad under whom he studied in Jeddah, Abdul Rahman al-Khitamy in Kenya and Imam Fethullah Gulen in Turkey. He translated the Essentials of Islam by Ahmed bin Zayn al-Habashi and Forty Hadith on the Quran by Mullah ‘Ali al-Qari, Riyadatul Sibyan of Imam al-Ramli and is currently working on translations of al-Nasaih al-Dinniya of Imam al-Haddad. Shaykh Abdul Aziz uses his teaching experience and interest in special needs in his dawah work calling people to Allah. Many of the courses he teaches use modern teaching methods and an interactive style. He has taught various books around the world including The Book of Assistance of Imam al-Haddad and the Forty Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi.

His interest in special educational needs drove him to co-found the organisation Islamic Texts for the Blind (Kitaba). The Islamic Texts for the Blind produces books in Braille and audio format, provides accessible online classes and has an accessible web site with Islamic resources and translations. They work with government and voluntary organisations to meet the religious and cultural needs of disabled Muslims.

Shaykh Abdul Aziz authored the book Living with Blindness which was used to launch a number of conferences on The Marginalised in Society addressing issues of disability and access to mosques, institutions and Islamic teachings. He is an active campaigner for free and open access to Islamic teaching for all. He currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife and two children.

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