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Written by: Written by Muhammad Mojlum Khan [Author].

The Muslims of Bengal have a rich and diverse cultural history spanning , more than a millennium. However, the existing literature on the subject , has been written from a secular, nationalist, sectarian or Orientalist , perspective which regarded the history of Muslim Bengal as being no , more than a footnote to a greater India-centric or Pakistan-centric , view of the Subcontinent. As a result, the Islamic perspective on the , subject was overlooked. In this book an attempt has been made to move , beyond existing ideological interpretations by pursuing an Islamic approach.

The Bengali-speaking Muslims, around 200 million people, constitute one of , the largest linguistic groups in the Muslim world, second only to the Arabs. , If the Bengali-speaking people are a minority in the Subcontinent, then , Bengal’s Muslims are not a minority in the Muslim world. Covering 800 years , of the history of Islam in Bengal, this informative, authoritative and , inspiring book has been hailed as a pioneering contribution on the subject , aimed at a new generation of students, scholars and general readers.

Who was Shah Jalal? When did Islam first enter Bengal? Who was the Muslim , conqueror of Bengal? Why did the people of Bengal embrace Islam in such , large numbers? Did Bengal produce any great Muslim scholars and leaders? , What about the Muslim women of Bengal: did they contribute anything worthwhile?, For the very first time, this book provides answers to these and many other , similar questions through the lives of outstanding Muslim personalities of , Bengal – written from an entirely Islamic perspective. This book is a real, eye-opener; nothing like it exists in Bengali, English, Urdu or any other language!

Some of reviewers of the book include:

“The Muslim Heritage of Bengal is a multidimensional work covering , aspects of the Muslim history, culture and heritage of Bengal from , the early thirteenth century to the modern times… I am sure this , book shall add to the vista of knowledge in the field of Muslim , history and heritage of Bengal. I recommend this work.” , – Dr A. K. M. Yaqub Ali, Professor Emeritus, Islamic History , & Culture, University of Rajshahi and renowned historian of Bangladesh.

“This book provides glimpses of Bengal’s Muslim history from the beginning of the 13th century to more recent events during the early part of the 20th century. Khan’s book provides invaluable information which will inspire present and future generations regarding the Muslim history, culture and heritage of Bengal. Highly recommended reading for Muslims and non-Muslims, young and old alike.” – Dr M. Abdul Jabbar Beg, Formerly Professor of Islamic History & Civilization at National University of Malaysia and co-author of A Journey through Islamic History: A Timeline of Key Events.

A popular and fascinating history book that covers 800 years of the history of Islam in Bengal (present-day Bangladesh and West Bengal) through the example of 42 inspirational figures up until the 20th century by the author of the internationally acclaimed and bestselling book, The Muslim 100.

Muhammad Mojlum Khan [Bengal Muslim Research Institute [BMRI]

Muhammad Mojlum Khan is an award winning writer, literary critic, and research scholar. He has published more than 150 essays and, articles worldwide, and his writings have been translated into, many languages including Bengali, Indonesian and German. He is, author of the bestselling book, The Muslim 100 (2008) and his, forthcoming titles include Pioneers of Islam in Bengal and, Against the Tide: Thoughts on Islam and Contemporary Issues., He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, and Ireland, and a Founding Director of Bengal Muslim, Research Institute [BMRI]

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