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An Introduction to Islam and the Environment

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Our home, Planet Earth is undergoing rapid and sustained destruction ofits eco-systems. Climate Change is possibly the biggest threat to lifeon the planet, especially when most of the effects will be felt in Muslimcountries. For example; Future water crisis in the Middle East, flooding inBangladesh, desertification of sub-Saharan Africa and much more…All ofthis will lead to more wars and environmental refugees.

The Prophet saw said : “When doomsday comes, if someone has a palmshoot in his hand he should plant it.” (Reported in Al-Bayhaqi)

Do Muslims have any answers to these issues? Come to an informative course and learn more about Islamic environmental themes,the threat of climate change and whether or not Muslims can addressthe global environmental challenge that faces us all.

The course will cover an Islamic understanding of: Creator/Creation, Man’s Place in Creation, Man’s Responsibilities, Fiqh of Environment, Islamic environmentalism: methodology and strategies and more.

You will also have the chance to hear and get involved in many of IFEES’s projects around the Muslim world such as:

  • - Misali Marine conservation & Mangrove Rehabilitation in Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • - Coastal Rehabilitation in Aceh and Reforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia
  • - Sumatran Tiger conservation, Indonesia
  • - Water conservation in Yemen
  • - Canal rehabilitation and Kashmir Valley reforestation, Pakistan
  • - Desert reclaimation, Nigeria
  • - Sundarban conservation, Bangladesh
  • - Greening the Mosque, UK and worldwide
  • - and much more.

Those looking for a career change, or Muslim students looking for some ‘real’ life work experience or anyone who simply wants to give back something ‘real’ to the Muslim world , all these projects require sincere people from all backgrounds and a wide range of skills and professions. Bismillah, here is your chance to become custodians of the earth (Khalifah’s) as the Qur’an tells us!

Shaykh Muhammed Afifi Al-Akiti

Mawlana Sulaiman Ghani

Imam Abdassmad Clarke

Ustadh Fazlun Khalid

Sidi Ayman Ahwal

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