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The impact of his thought on the West, Ghazali, Razi and Ibn Taymiyya

Delivered by

Professor Yahya Michot [Hartford Seminary,USA]

Dr Jules Janssens [KU Leuven, Belgium]

  • Date: Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th May 2016, London
  • Venue: Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HX

The seminar is open to all but spaces are limited. Entry is through prior registration only.

Costs: Student/Unemployed/Employed irrespective:

  • BOTH DAYs: – £50   £100
  • ANY ONE DAY: – £40   £80

DEADLINE FOR BOOKING APPLY: MONDAY 18th APRIL 2016 after which prices increase!

The course is aimed at the advanced level, participants must be familiar with the basics  of Ibn Sin’s/Avicenna’s life, work and thoughts, reasonable understanding classical arabic and classical Islamic Sciences including kalam, metaphysics, philosophy, and epistemologY, however, ALL WELCOME!

This advanced level course will look at:

  • Avicenna in the West, from Toledo and Venice to Oxford and New York
  • Avicenna’s Quranic Commentaries
  • Al-Shaykh al-Ra’īs”: Traditional and New Approaches
  • Avicenna’s Influence on Ghazalian thought (kalam, politics and tasawwuf)
  • Love and the “Order of Good”
  • Avicenna’s influence on the theology of Razi
  • “What about the Prophets’ miracles?” Ibn Taymiyya on the last section of Avicenna’s “Ishârât”
  • After Avicenn

Professor Yahya Michot [Hartford Seminary, USA]

Professor Yahya M. Michot is one of the world’s leading experts on Ibn Taymiyyah. He was director of the Centre for Arabic Philosophy at University of Louvain in Belgium where he has delivered courses in Arabic, History of Arabic Philosophy, History of Muslim Peoples and Institutions of Islam, and Commentary on Arabic Philosophical Texts. His main field of research is the History of Muslim Thought with special reference to Avicenna (Ibn Sina), his predecessors and his impact on Sunni thought and Ibn Taymiyyah.

Professors Michot’s interests also encompass the history of Muslim thought during the Mamlūk and Ilkhān periods, as well as modern Islamic movements. He has published numerous books and articles about Islamic classical thought, Muslim societies, including several volumes on Ibn Sina and Ibn Taymiyyah. Some of these articles include “La destine´e de l’homme selon Avicenne” (1986), “IBN SINA. Lettre au vizir Abu Sa’d” (Arabic edition & translation, 2000), “AVICENNE. Re´futation de l’astrologie” (Arabic edition & translation, 2006) “Ibn Taymiyya: Muslims under non-Muslim Rule” (2006), “Ahmad al-Aqhisari: Against Smoking. An Ottoman Manifesto” (Arabic edition & translation, 2010), “Musulmans en Europe” (2002), and the chapter “Revelation” in the “Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology” (2008). His recent book is “Ibn Taymiyya: Against Extremisms. A Reader”.

He has served as a consultant to various universities, and has been a Fellow at the Islamic Studies at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology at Oxford University. He serves as member of various international scholarly societies, and is founder and director of the collection ‘Sagesses Musulmanes’. Professor Michot held the position of president of the Conseil Supérieur des Musulmans de Belgique between 1995 and 1998. Currently is Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at the Macdonald Center, Hartford Seminary, USA.

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Dr Jules Janssens [KU Leuven, Belgium]

Dr Jules Janssens is one the leading authorities and researchers on Ibn Sina is based at the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Philosophy of the Middle Ages and Ancient Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He was written numerous articles, journals and books on the subject.


*Geoffroy, M., Janssens, J., Sebti, M. (2014). Ibn Sīnā (Avicenne). Commentaire sur le livre Lambda de la Métaphysique d’Aristote (chapitres 6-10). Études musulmanes, 43. Paris: Vrin. *Janssens, J. (2006). Ibn Sînæ and his influence on the Arabic and Latin world. Variorum collected studies series, 843. Aldershot: Ashgate. *Janssens, J. (1999). An annotated bibliography on Ibn Sînâ: first supplement (1990-1994) *Avicenna and his heritage. (2002). (Janssens, J., Ed., De Smet, D., Ed.). Leuven: Leuven university press.

Some of publications, articles and journals include:

*Janssens, J. (2010). Ibn Sīnā’s Impact on Faḫr ad-Dīn ar-Rāzī’s Mabāḥiṯ al-Mašriqiyya, with Particular Regard to the Section Entitled al-Ilāhiyyāt al-maḥḍa: An Essay of Critical Evaluation. Documenti e Studi sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale, 11, 259-285. *Janssens, J. (2007). Bahmanyâr, and his Revision of Ibn Sînâ’s Metaphysical Project. Medioevo, 32, 99-117. *Janssens, J. (1987). Ibn Sīnā’s Ideas of Ultimate Realities. Neoplatonism and the Qur’ân as Problem-Solving Paradigms in the Avicennian System. Ultimate Reality and Meaning, 10, 252-271. *Janssens, J. (2012). Ibn Sīnā’s Taʿlīqāt: The Presence of Paraphrases of and Super-commentaries on the Ilāhīyāt of the Šifāʾ. In: Opwis F., Reisman D. (Eds.), Islamic Philosophy, Science, Culture, and Religion. Studies in Honor of Dimitri Gutas, Chapt. 3.2 Brill, 201-222. *Janssens, J. (2011). Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna), Latin Translations of. In: Lagerlund H. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy. Philosophy Between 500 and 1500. Dordrecht: Springer, 522-527. *Janssens, J. (2003). Al-Gazâlî, and his use of Avicennian texts. In: , Problems in Arabic philosophy / Ed. by M. Maroth. – Piliscsaba: The Avicenna institute of Middle Eastern studies 37-49. *Janssens, J. (2008). Al-Ghazâlî’s Mîzân al-‘Amal: An Ethical Summa Based on Ibn Sînâ and al-Râghib al-Isfahânî. In: Akasoy A., Raven W. (Eds.), Islamic Thought in the Middle Ages. Studies in Text, Transmission and Translation in Honour of Hans Daiber. Leiden: Brill, 123-137. *Janssens, J. (2007). The Reception of Avicenna’s Physics in the Latin Middle Ages. In: , O ye Gentlemen. Arabic Studies on Science and Literary Culture in Honour of Remke Kruk / Ed.: Arnoud Vrolijk and Jan Hogendijk. Leiden: Brill, 55-64.


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